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Zibo yuneng refractory castable instructions

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Refractory castable with high performance refractory materials, such as alumina, alumina, aggregate, powder and mixture mixing and some additives, additive, add water after mixing construction has high refractoriness, compressive strength, flexural strength, and depending on the additive, additive can make refractory castable has acid and alkali resistance, slag resistance and thermal shock resistance performance, etc.

Construction preparation of refractory castable

1. Before the construction of refractory castable, the construction plan should be determined and the site plane layout should be prepared, so that operators can master the construction points of each procedure and understand the construction and performance of refractory castable.

2. The construction materials shall be stacked according to the requirements, and be stacked and transported without dampness and rain. If the construction period of refractory castable is affected by water, the use of castable will be directly affected.Prior to construction, it is necessary to confirm that the castable has been sampled and tested and can only be used if it meets the technical requirements of the castable.

3. Make sure the mixing equipment is clean and free of sundries before mixing, and do not add other materials at will.

4. Evenly stirred materials should be poured within 15-25 minutes, so as to avoid prolonged hardening and inconvenient pouring, which will affect the structural strength

5. The mixing machine shall be cleaned after each construction or when the castable variety is changed.

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