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Application range and product characteristics of high strength and wear resistant castable

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High-strength wear-resistant castable is composed of high-strength aggregate and powder mineral additives. Through the optimized formula design, it has the minimum wear-resistant loss, high strength, arbitrary and controllable shape, strong integrity, simple construction, and good construction performance. Due to the addition of high polymer, it makes its base concrete bond firmly.High wear-resistant castable is cheap, and it is the preferred material for the construction site with wear-resistant requirements.

High-strength wear-resistant castable is a kind of cement-based composite single-component dry mortar, which is made up of high-strength cement, mineral admixture, high-strength aggregate and anti-crack wear-resisting agent through industrial production.High strength wear resistant castable field water gently use, good construction workability, through artificial rendering in a bunker or trough anti-wear layer of surface to form certain thickness after normal maintenance can meet the technical requirements, with high wear resistance, with the base concrete (steel cylinder storehouse) high bonding strength, strong impact resistance, high compressive strength, good durability and long service life, etc.High strength and wear resistant castable is specially used in slag ditch, ore chute, coal discharging chute, hopper, lining anti-wear layer of material silo in metallurgical, coal, thermal power, chemical industry, cement industry, etc., and plays the role of protecting basic concrete (or steel silo).

Application range of high strength wear resistant castable:

1. Coal discharging ditch, coal scuttle, coal storage bunker, dry coal grid, dumper, slag catcher, water treatment, etc.

2. Corrosion resistant ground and pump foundation of chemical industry.


3. Wear resistant lining board in gangue bin, medium bucket, scraper, bucket lift machine, chute, sieve funnel and so on in the coal industry.


4, iron and steel industry mixing bin, sintering bin, feeder, ball making machine.

Characteristics of high wear resistant castable

1. High strength, high wear resistance, impact resistance, erosion resistance, oil seepage resistance  

2, flame retardant, low water absorption, high and low temperature resistance

3, good durability, long service life

4, simple construction, quick operation, easy to master


5, good integrity, easy to repair, not easy to fall off

6, non-toxic, tasteless, green environmental protection, no physical damage to operators


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