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Is the plastic used for repairing boiler the same as pouring material

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-12     

Castable repair and plastic repair for 80 t of chain furnace as an example, the castable to repair the boiler need to wall dismantling and welded mesh again, then the template to get, and not a one-time pouring shape, should ask professional woodworking template and a plate, plate casting, casting finished need to use wood for oven, oven commonly time not less than a week.

Plastic repair repair material is a kind of more convenient, don't need so trouble as castable repair, do not need all removed, only need to need to repair worn parts of the old castable knocked down, and then in the demolition of the original edges flush with binder, prevent produce gap between repair material and the original castable, welding preparation grid again, and then apply directly with plastic, and the old application and the castable as flat.No template, no oven, 36 hours of natural curing can be put into use.

Through comparison, we can understand the difference between castable and plastic repair in detail. Plastic can save materials and simplify construction, but its price is higher than that of castable with the same performance.



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