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Classification, attention and size of light firebrick

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Light firebrick generally refers to the firebrick whose density is less than 1.3x103kg/m3.

Light firebrick points to foaming brick namely commonly, normal interior partition is to use this kind of brick, won't increase floor weight, and sound insulation effect is right again!The strength products are made of high quality plate corundum and mullite as aggregate, with sillimanite compound as matrix, special additives and a small amount of rare earth oxide mixed, formed by high pressure and fired at high temperature.The production of ordinary light heat insulation brick material has clay, high aluminum high strength brick, low iron mullite, high aluminum poly light heat insulation brick, diatomite heat insulation brick.

Advantages of lightweight brick:

1. Economy: it can reduce the cost of foundation, reduce the section of frame, and save reinforced concrete can significantly save the comprehensive cost of buildings.Compared with solid clay brick, lightweight brick can reduce the overall cost by more than 5%.

2, practicality: use of lightweight bricks can increase the use area, at the same time because of aerated concrete insulation, insulation effect is good, in hot summer, indoor temperature than the use of solid clay bricks 2-3°C, the use of air conditioning, reduce electricity consumption.

3. Constructiveness: lightweight brick has good machinability, convenient and simple construction. Due to its large size and light weight, it can reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency and shorten construction period.

Ten performance of light brick: light capacity, heat preservation, heat insulation, impermeability, environmental protection, earthquake resistance, durability, processability,

The biggest characteristic is the fire resistance: the fire resistance degree is 700 degrees, is a grade one refractory material, the fire resistance performance of 100mm thick block up to 225 minutes, the fire resistance performance of 200mm thick block up to 480 minutes.

Lightweight firebrick dimensions

Common sizes are 230*113*60, 230*115*65, 120*240*60 and other sizes, the specific can be customized according to their own needs.

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Precautions for light firebrick

1. Light firebrick has a large porosity and loose structure, which cannot be used for the parts directly in contact with slag and liquid metal;

2, low mechanical strength, can not be used for load-bearing structure;

3, wear resistance is very poor, should not be used with the furnace charge contact, wear seriously parts.

4, can not be used at the same time with ordinary firebrick.


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