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One-stop solution for building a large-scale power plant circulating fluidized bed boiler

Ultra-durable anti-erosion technology + fine selection of materials + long-term research and development test

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Castable Series

General Castable Series

Electricity industry

Cement industry

Metallurgical industry

Petrochemical Industry

Foundry industry

Waste incineration

Refractory Brick Series

Magnesium composite spinel brick

Silicon mo brick

Magnesium-aluminum spinel brick

Calcium magnesium zirconium brick

Lightweight mullite brick

Aluminum silicate fibers

Fiber blanket


Fiber cotton

Fiber Paper、Pad

Fibre textiles

Fiber module

Special-shaped parts

Fiber felt

Refractory Ball Series

Regenerative ball

High aluminum wear-resisting ball

Refractory ball

Ceramic Fiber Series

Ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiberboard

Ceramic fibre cotton

Ceramic Fiber Paper、Pad

Ceramic Fiber Textiles

Ceramic Fiber Module

Ceramic Fiber Profile

Ceramic Fiber Felt

Kiln accessories

Anchor pin

High temperature cement pa abrasion resistant cement

Silicon carbide

High temperature adhesive

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【kiln mouth】  |  
【coal-injection duct 】  |  
【Wicket cover】  |  
【decomposing furnace 】  |  
【grate cooler】  |  
【Three times in the duct】  |  
【After the kiln mouth】  |  
【preheater】  |  
【Smoke chamber, preheater cone section, decompositi】  |  
【Waste heat power generation equipment】  |  
【Heat insulation layer for preheater and kiln door 】  |  

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