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Introduction of castable construction matters needing attention

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Refractory castable is the basic castable that the high temperature skill industry cannot shortage.The development of hardware industry, pig iron industry, nonferrous metal metallurgy industry, machine ding industry, chemical industry and modern high-tech industry (rocket, thermonuclear liner reactor) and other key pillar industries of people's finance is inseparable from the development of refractory castable industry.The quality and functional characteristics of refractory castable not only directly affect the quality of products, production costs and financial benefits of refractory castable users, but also affect production and human safety.The development of refractory castable industry has become one of the key preconditions of people's financial development.

The construction of castable depends on the rheological property of castable, and the rheological property of castable depends on the grain gradation of castable (that is, the ratio of aggregate to base material).Meanwhile, according to the technological requirements of cement kiln (including technological temperature, dust content, etc.), the alkali and abrasion resistance of castable can be improved.

Aggregate mainly choose alum stone, makings choosing alumina (а - Al2O3) powder, silica powder and pure calcium aluminate cement and so on, the amount of alumina powder.The addition of alumina powder can greatly improve the high-temperature strength and wear resistance of castable, but the addition of alumina powder is too large, which will affect the construction performance of castable, and negatively affect the alkali resistance and erosion resistance of castable.Therefore, the amount of alumina powder added plays a crucial role in the overall performance of castable.

After the vibration of the castable, it is appropriate to maintain the natural surface, should not use tools to wipe the surface is not allowed to spread cement powder polish.After the completion of the construction, the construction body within 24 hours, especially before the hardening of the castable, is strictly prohibited to move and knock, vibration, or will produce cracks to complete destruction.Since the production and process control of cement enterprises have their own characteristics, so the development of high-performance wear-resisting, refractory castable is the perfect construction plan, ensure the quality of construction at the same time, improve the three duct and wind valve, grate cooler refractory performance in areas such as the throat, wicket cover (that is, the strength and abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance).Adding amount of pure calcium aluminate cement.Adding proper amount of pure calcium aluminate cement can improve the high temperature performance and low temperature service strength of castable.However, too much addition will affect the construction performance of castable and shorten the hardening time of castable.Therefore, castable in the pure calcium aluminate cement must be appropriate.Water added during construction.

The construction performance of castable is not obtained by simply adding water.Add too much water, will occur aggregate and base material separation, affect the performance of castable, castable density, strength, alkali resistance and wear resistance and so on.Insufficient amount of added water, poor construction performance, material can not flow normally and achieve dense filling, bubble can not be discharged, can not form a tight accumulation, will also affect the performance of castable.Therefore, it is very important to control the amount of water added during the construction of castable.


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