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Points to note when purchasing a steam gas boiler

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2019-06-06     

First, the rated evaporation, the size of the company's choice of evaporation should be based on the company's own demand. For example, if the company needs a small amount of steam but chooses a steam boiler with a large rated evaporation, the steam produced can not be used at all, and it can only waste money. If you need a large steam, but choose a small evaporation boiler, and finally make steam supply less than demand, then you can only use boiler renovation or add a new boiler, so the final cost is much higher than directly selecting the right boiler at one time.

Second, thermal efficiency, a good steam boiler in addition to the rated evaporation is also required to have a higher thermal efficiency, many companies choose low-efficiency boilers for the sake of cheaper, it will be very affordable in the short term, but will find low efficiency over time. Boiler fuel consumption is also very high, and the fuel production per unit of fuel is also very low, so that time will be very long.

Third, the rated steam pressure, does not mean that steam boilers only need to produce steam, steam and steam are still different, each enterprise has the standard of steam for each enterprise. As far as the power station is concerned, how much pressure steam is required for the steam turbine of the power station is required. If the pressure is too high, the steam turbine unit may be damaged. If the pressure is too low, the steam turbine may not be driven at all. Therefore, it is also very important to choose the right rated steam pressure.

4. Rated steam temperature, similar to the rated steam pressure, the steam steam rated steam temperature must be selected according to the demand of the steam equipment, the steam equipment needs high temperature steam, then the steam boiler should choose the appropriate rated steam temperature. .


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