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Instruction manual for refractory plastics

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Instruction manual for refractory plastics

Refractory plastic is an important variety of monolithic refractories, it is made of refractory aggregate, powder and composite admixture, chemical bond, through mixing, extruding and become resilient block or mud pie materials, construction with ramming method, refractory plastic of high temperature and high strength, good thermal shock resistance and the thermal conductivity small, use it for pounding jointless furnace, by the strong integrity, good resistance to spalling, the characteristics of long service life and save energy, and therefore has been widely used in building heating furnace, soaking furnace, heat treatment furnace and other high temperature industrial kiln lining, construction is convenient,Quick repair, high wear resistance, good thermal shock performance, no cracking, good sealing, mainly used for the repair of fluidized bed boiler.


Application scope of refractory plastics:

The repair of the defective part of the furnace lining of CFB boiler and the anti-wear treatment of the junction of water wall and fire protection belt.

1, refractory plastic in circulating fluidized bed burner band castable for repair, cyclone tube etc. Use the application of refractory parts: its strong stick performance, can repair any irregular wear parts, without using steel template or mold, can ignition immediately after the completion of the engineering project, need not special maintenance, so as to shorten the construction period, cost saving.

2, refractory plastic in the water wall tube and burner band border wear handling: free barbecue wear-resisting refractory can be plastic construction on water cooling tube, the layup bao hou can control in the following 5 mm, this is the other similar products can't do it, no barbecue wear-resisting refractory plastic in water wall and the burner band junction construction, can change the location of the geometric angles, made the transition region is quite flat, so close to the surface, thus reducing the formation of eddy current in the region, a combination of eddy current in the location of residence time, the wear degree is reduced greatly.


In addition, it is mainly used in various heating furnaces, soaking pits, annealing furnaces, sintering furnaces and electric furnace tops in the iron and steel industry.


Fire-resistant plastics instructions:

1. Refractory plastic is composed of bulk material, coagulant and liquid binder.Add 7% liquid binder and stir for 10 minutes or more.When the construction surface needs materials, add coagulant, and then stir for 2 minutes. According to the requirements of construction performance, slowly add the remaining 2% of liquid binder, until the plastic can meet the construction requirements.

2. Adding ratio of coagulant: add 2 bags of plasticizer to one package of coagulant.According to the different ambient temperature, the adding ratio of coagulant can be appropriately reduced to 2-3 bags of plasticizer plus one bag of coagulant.

3. Under the premise of ensuring the plasticity of materials, liquid binder should be added as little as possible to prevent deterioration of material performance at high temperature.

4. Do not use materials that are sticky with dirt and can be prevented for more than 40 minutes after stirring.



Construction technology of refractory plastics:

This material adopts ramming and compaction forming method for construction. Before construction, plastic can be laid on the required parts, and the billet laying should be staggered and close to each other. After finishing ramming, the seam of the billet should be rammed, and then the whole area should be rammed for 3 times with pneumatic hammer or hand hammer to ensure the material compactness.The correct anchor is very important for supporting sheet plastics. With the use of rigid anchored spikes, the spacing of the anchorage spikes is about 150mm~250mm, and the cast thickness can be determined according to the design requirements of different furnaces.

1, determine the damaged parts, the edge with a tool to right Angle depression 20mm, that is, repair thickness 20mm.After repair, the plastic on the original refractory smooth over, can not appear trapezoidal joint.

2. Clean the repair area. If there are any loose particles in the original refractory, remove them without any floating dust.

3, will the plastic with very clean knives slicing, fresh side stick to repair parts, and then use pneumatic hammer hammer or dao matter, material slab should be staggered joints close to the arrangement, dao should be ramming material after finished the seams of the billet, cannot appear crack, mending surface after all stick good, comprehensive repeatedly with hammer tamping, until the billet material still wet surface phenomenon.Ramming pay attention to the edge, can not ramming the original refractory, finally the whole repair surface into a smooth plane.

4. Repair local depresses of the water-cooled wall. Weld heat-resistant steel tips on the plate or water-cooled tube body at the depresses of the water-cooled wall.


Precautions for refractory plastic baking

1, after repair, before the oven, should be timely in the plastic surface covering a layer of plastic film (any type can), in order to prevent surface curing and crack, ignition should be removed before the plastic film.

2, radiation heating oven available wood or charcoal, to repair the temperature 60 ℃ or so, and then slowly rising to a temperature of 200 ℃ ~ 300 ℃, protect six hours, to ensure that the material separating out all the moisture in billet surface as hard as ceramic structure state, can start the ignition, circulating fluidized bed boiler can don't need another oven, as long as can be completed in the process of ignition oven process.


Storage method for refractory plastics

Avoid open storage and direct sunlight exposure.Summer, should be stored in a cold and damp place, winter antifreeze.


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