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Technical requirements for firebrick masonry

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-10     


(1) the location of expansion joints shall be reserved to avoid the stress position, furnace skeleton and masonry holes.Expansion joints of inner and outer layers of masonry should not be connected with each other, and the upper and lower layers should be staggered.


(2) the long side at the top of the bottom of non-arc furnace or channel shall be perpendicular to or at an Angle to the flow direction of burden, metal, slag or gas.


(3) the circular furnace wall shall be built according to the center line. When the center line error and diameter error of the furnace shell meet the requirements of the furnace shape, the furnace shell can be built as the guide surface.


(4) the circular furnace wall shall not be re-jointed with three layers or three rings, and the upper and lower layers and the adjacent two rings shall not be re-jointed in the same place.


(5) the arch and vault must be built symmetrically from both sides of the arch foot to the center. It is strictly prohibited to invert the head of the arch brick in the course of masonry;Lock bricks from the side of the arch, if the last lock brick, can not be driven from the side, can first lock a side of the 1 ~ 2 brick processing, make the size of the lock mouth up and down the same, and then lock the size of the lock brick from above, and its two sides with steel plate plug tight;The removal of arch tire can only be carried out after all locking bricks are tightened, trench laying at arch foot is completed and nut of skeleton retractor is finally tightened.


(6) to the brickwork joints not closely built, should be punched thin steel plate plug tight, especially for the rotating furnace should be every 1/4 turn to check, take the above measures to remedy.


(7) matters needing attention:

1. Mallet or rubber mallet shall be used for construction alignment when laying or locking bricks;

2. Fire bricks shall not be cut on masonry;

3. After the mud dries up, do not hit the masonry;

4. The processing surface of brick shall not be oriented towards the inner surface of furnace chamber or furnace passage or expansion joint;

5, brick breaking or rework brick demolition, should be made of trapezoidal crouches;

6. The thickness of the processed brick shall not be less than 2/3 of the thickness of the original brick.


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