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How long is the heating time of the electromagnetic hot water boiler?

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2019-06-06     

First, the electromagnetic hot water boiler is related to the heating temperature. The higher the temperature requirement, the longer the heating time.

 Second, it is related to the output of production. If the output is large, the heating time will be longer.

 Third, it is related to the temperature of the environment. The ambient temperature is very low, so the heating time will be longer.

 Fourth, it is related to the power level. The power supply will slow down and the power supply will heat up faster.

 If possible, you can choose a slightly larger power than the electromagnetic hot water boiler, because the higher the power, the faster the heating rate, then the preset temperature will be reached quickly and the temperature will remain after the temperature. Reach the temperature. Heating is no longer needed and power is not consumed.

  The electromagnetic hot water boiler is a new type of water heating equipment that uses high-efficiency and energy-saving variable frequency electromagnetic as a heat source. Compared with traditional coal-fired boilers, electromagnetic boiler hot water has the advantages of no pollution, no emissions, and small floor space. This is a disadvantage that coal-fired boilers cannot avoid. The investment in the electrification system greatly saves the investment of labor costs. Compared with gas boilers, electromagnetic hot water boilers have unparalleled safety advantages. They have no leakage and no emissions. The electromagnetic heating technology adopts the method of separating the internal and external insulation of water and electricity to avoid the danger of leakage of electricity caused by the aging of the traditional resistance heating boiler, and the service life is greatly prolonged.


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