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Characteristics and application of high strength wear resistant castable

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High strength wear-resisting castable is made of special cement, wear-resisting steel sand and chemical admixture.Widely used in coal mines, power plants, steel mills, cement plants, coking plants, coal discharge chute, funnel, chute and other wear-resistant concrete, wear-resistant layer engineering.

Technical performance

1. Early strength, early setting, initial setting in 20-30 minutes in summer, final setting in 3 hours, final setting in 4-6 hours in winter, the compressive strength of 1 day reaches 40MPa and the ultimate compressive strength is more than 65MPa.

Scope of application

1. Coal mine infrastructure projects;Funnel, chute, gangue bin, etc.

2. Power plant infrastructure project;Coal discharging trough, coal scuttle, coal storage bin, water treatment and other inner wear resistant layer.

3, steel mills, sintering plants, infrastructure projects, blast furnace mixing bin, sintering bin, sedimentation tank, slag ditch and other concrete wear resistant layer and high temperature surface water treatment protection layer.

4. Cement plant infrastructure project;Clinker warehouse, raw material warehouse, homogenizing warehouse.The wear-resisting layer of inner wall, such as funnel.

5. Coking plant, calcium carbide plant, oxygen plant and various chemical material storage projects.Inner wall of stock bin, hopper and batching pit.

6. Roadway engineering of hydropower station;Spillway tunnel, channel flow tunnel, concrete wear-resisting layer of overflow surface.

7. Traffic and navigation infrastructure projects;Port, wharf, bridge, road, airport runway and other high - strength concrete wear - resistant layer.

The construction method

1. Gouging the base layer, removing loose animals, burying plum blossom nails and laying steel mesh.

2, mix: 100 kg dry material plus 13-15 water, stir 2-3 minutes can be used, winter with 50℃ warm water stir.

3. Maintain 2-3 days after completion of construction

4, the above information is set for general circumstances, if the customer has requirements, please contact our company's professional and technical personnel to negotiate, in order to better serve you.


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