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Circulating fluidized bed boiler construction technology - water cold air chamber

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Water cooling chamber

The water cooling air chamber adopts single-layer medium insulation castable structure (physical and chemical indexes are shown in the attached table). Medium insulation castable has good fire resistance, high thermal vibration and certain impact resistance, and is an ideal lining material for this part.

Construction process: heat resistant nails are welded to the four walls of the water and cold air chamber, and the density is in accordance with the design requirements of the drawing.

There is no nail nail design for the ceiling under wind distribution on the drawing. In actual construction, it must be welded, which can be welded in the wind

Between cap sleeve, because it is shaking force when the boiler run, without welding forcer roof is easy to fall off, 1 mm on the forcer coated with asphalt, reserved expansion joint, intermediate insulation castable can be a die casting ramming forming, either way, after construction of the object must be strong, level off, smooth, thickness according to drawing size requirement, ceiling construction don't plug cap width.

Attached table of medium quality thermal insulation pouring specification


Project number value

Refractory degree >1500

Volume density g/cm3 >1.6

Compressive strength MPa 110℃ bake >30

800 ℃ > 35

1100 ℃ > 35

Bending strength MPa 110℃ bake >10

1100 ℃ > 15

1350 ℃ > 15

Reburning change % 0.2

Thermal shock stability sub >20

Maximum operating temperature 1350 ℃


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