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Conditions for circulating fluidized bed boiler - refractory castable

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-10-15     

※ body furnace wall masonry insulation work has been completed, refractory concrete has exceeded the health period;

※ boiler body equipment is installed and water pressure test is completed:

※ all drainage and exhaust pipes have been connected:

※ all measuring points in the air smoke system have been installed and verified, which can be displayed on DCS. The smoke air baffle can be operated on DCS, and the inspection and acceptance have been completed.Electric dust removal boost test is completed, internal work is finished:

※ the thermal control instruments of the soda water system have been installed and verified, the valve of the soda water system has been checked and accepted, and the main steam pipe has been installed behind the electric main steam valve.Ensure the completion of the trial operation of a feed water pump, which can be started at any time to feed water to the boiler:

※ the fuel system FSSS static function test is over, the oil cycle is over, the oil gun atomization test is over, and the system can be put into operation at any time;

※ the sealing test of the furnace body has been completed, and the four design requirements have been reached:

Heat preservation of pipes within the scope of boiler body is completed;

※ the expansion indicator of various pressure parts is adjusted to zero position:

※ prepare enough desalination, which can be supplied to the drainage tank:

※ boiler adjacent to furnace heating has operation conditions:

※ all exhaust and discharge pipes have been connected to the air and sewage system.

※ all water and steam pipe hangers have been correctly installed in cold position.

A chimney allowing flue gas to flow out of the flue has been completed.

※ all piping systems of furnace outlet, back flue, economizer, air preheater, bag-filter or electric dust collector and chimney are completed.

※ prevents smoke from escaping from the ash hopper.

1) install blind flange

2) install ash treatment equipment

※ flue door is closed.

1) prevent flue gas from escaping from the soot blower hole.

Install dust blowers

Temporary hole plugging

2) the blocking plate shall be installed at the inlet of the separator and the inlet of the rear smoke well.

3) the door holes in the furnace and separator are closed to prevent heat from escaping from the door holes.

4) temporary chimney is installed on top of separator outlet.

5) furnace.Secondary tuyere and coal trough and other holes temporary plug in place.

Water the drum to the normal operating water level.

※ adjust main steam exhaust and water discharge before boiler starts.

& middot;Drum exhaust valve close/open to 0.172mpa

& middot;Main steam drain/drain on

& middot;Start exhaust valve to open 25%

& middot;The reheater is steamed/drained

※ adjust the inlet guide vane and baffle to the following position:

& middot;Primary fan inlet guide vane 5% to 10%

& middot;Secondary fan inlet guide vane 5% - 10%

& middot;Inlet guide vane of induced draft fan is 5% to 10%

& middot;Upper part of secondary fan: partial baffle is closed

※ during the oven, the normal water level of drum should be maintained.

※ monitoring the temperature of flue gas entering the back flue gas well during the oven.

※ in the oven insulation period should circuit inspection boiler and after flue expansion.

※ record all boiler expansion during ovens.

※ all fire-resistant and wear-resistant materials in the boiler have been laid and maintained naturally for more than 3 days.

Qualified water quality in oven.

※ during the drying process, the water supply system or temporary water supply system is used reliably, and adequate quantity of qualified water quality is guaranteed.

※ during the drying period, the sewage system is put into use effectively. After the drying process, the boiler needs to drain water.

※ the cooling water of grey control valve imported from the slag cooler is put into operation normally.Normal operating water level.


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