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The function of self-flowing refractory castable for ladle

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The long-term lining of the self-flowing refractory castable ladle has many applications. The furnace age is several times higher than that of the ladle work lining. The age of the furnace is lower than that of the same refractory castable. When the self-flowing refractory castable is used to make up the ladle work lining, its construction Convenient and effective.

The permanent lining of the bag. High-aluminum self-flowing refractory castables with large bulk density have been used to dissipate heat quickly, resulting in a drop in molten steel temperature or a cold steel phenomenon. The self-flowing refractory castable with a slightly smaller bulk density is better.

Material synthesis and function

Use three grades of bauxite clinker and coke gemstone as refractory aggregate, add light high or light mullite aggregate, use top grade clinker clinker as fine powder, and add a-al203 and si02 ultrafine powder. Ca-50 steel was used as a binder and polyphosphate as a dispersing and water reducing agent. Use top grade or first grade bauxite clinker as refractory aggregate and powder, the latter use mullite as part of powder, add composite ultrafine powder, use ca-7 steel

As a binder and add water reducing agent.

AL203>88% of the top bauxite clinker is made of refractory aggregate, with white corundum, alumina-based spinel (AL203 62% and Mg029%), MgO greater than 95% sintered magnesia and a-AL203 ultrafine powder as refractory powder Material, si02 greater than 93% of u-si02 as a tie-in agent and add water reducing agent. Dense corundum for coarse aggregate, slab corundum for medium aggregate, fused white corundum for fine aggregate and powder, adding aluminum-rich spinel and fused magnesia powder, a-AL1203 and sio2 ultrafine powder, Use ca-80 steel as a binder and add water reducing agent. The refractory bone meal mass ratio is approximately 63:37.

Types of binders and condensation hardening mechanisms commonly used in amorphous refractories

1. Aluminate Steel The crystal reversal process of aluminate steel liquefaction products is CA2H10-C2AH8 and HAQ-AH2 crystals. Because the aluminum-coated steel particles and the liquefied calcium aluminate are interlaced, the steel hardens and changes.

2. Phosphoric acid and phosphate Phosphoric acid competes with photons to make the coagulant into a metallic sun, which constitutes a phosphate hydrous phosphate with good gelation.

3. Water glass In the water glass refractory castable, the addition of na2sif6 is added to ensure the precipitation and coagulation of the silicate sol, which is deposited on the surface layer of the refractory aggregate powder to make the cement harden and obtain the intensity.

4. Clay Condensed clay uses photon replacement properties to reduce potential. The particles are brought close to each other and joined to form a choroidal structure, and the intensity is generated.


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