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Castable castable of rigid jade is used for feedback of circulating fluidized bed boiler in electric power industry

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Corundum self-flowing wear-resistant refractory castable is mainly made of corundum, super high alumina clinker and silicon carbide, etc., and composed of composite binder, water-reducing agent and dispersant, etc. The product has high abrasion resistance, erosion resistance and erosion resistance.With strong artesian force, construction is easy and convenient.It is often used in CFB boiler and other thermal equipment where erosion and wear are serious and it is difficult to construct.

High strength castings are made of corundum or high quality bauxite clinker, silicon carbide, etc.The product besides with the conventional high temperature wear resistance performance, because in its ingredients added a certain quantity of heat resistant stainless steel fiber, prevent the material in the aggregate and matrix under high temperature condition of rose is poor, and stop at the exit of furnace temperature gradient changes of stress caused by the furnace wall damage, at the same time, because of the addition of steel fiber, make the material after pouring furnace wall greatly enhance the overall strength.

[performance characteristics]

Good thermal shock stability, anti - peeling, wear resistance, anti - acid medium erosion.

[scope of application]

Itis suitable for striking layer of high wear resistance, scour resistance and tortoise shell net in catalytic cracking equipment, cyclone separator and inclined pipe device of oil refinery.

Processing equipment such as synthetic ammonia first stage, second stage conversion furnace lining pouring

Usage: mainly used in combustion chamber, separator and flue of circulating fluidized bed boiler.

Its main features are: high strength, wear - resistant, anti - erosion, thermal shock stability and so on.Mainly used for lining of circulating vulcanizing bed boiler and severely worn parts.

High strength and high alumina castable is made of super high alumina clinker as main material, plus compound binder and adhesive.Products with high strength, wear resistance, anti - penetration, anti - erosion, mechanical properties, convenient construction and other characteristics.It is often used in CFB boiler furnace top, rear furnace wall and other parts.

Main features: high strength, high temperature, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.The products are classified into dense and high strength refractory castable, low cement refractory castable, no cement refractory castable and corundum refractory castable.Mainly used for special high temperature equipment and introduced high temperature device.

Steel fiber reinforced castable product description: steel fiber reinforced castable is high aluminum clinker or corundum as aggregate and powder, add a binding agent and a suitable amount of heat resistance, stainless steel fiber and additives made of hydraulic refractory castable.Properties of steel fiber reinforced refractory castable: steel fiber reinforced refractory castable is characterized by high strength, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance and good abrasion resistance.Steel fiber reinforced refractory castable product divides the ordinary stainless steel fiber reinforced refractory castable and nickel plated stainless steel fiber reinforced refractory castable two kinds, including nickel plated stainless steel fiber reinforced refractory castable technology has more excellent high temperature resistance, resistance to rub the performance of steel fiber reinforced refractory castable product applies: steel fiber reinforced refractory castable is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials and in the high-temperature damageable parts of circulating fluidized bed boiler.Above is the application of steel fiber in castable and function introduction, have what not understand can contact us directly, consultation telephone: zibo yu can kiln technology co., LTD. Is committed to metallurgy, non-ferrous, coal chemical industry and other high temperature industrial kiln with high-end research and development, production, sales of refractory and comprehensive services, associated with an annual output of 12 million tons of refractory materials.

The company persists in innovation and relies on the power of science and technology to promote development.Actively build enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, industry-university-research want to combine the technical innovation system, inspirational to create the country's best quality refractory products.


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