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Description of suitable binder and water reducer for artesient refractory castable

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Artesian refractory castable is generally prepared with low cement technology.The binder generally USES aluminate cement, its variety and dosage are different, the water demand is also different.Ultrafine powder varieties, quality and dosage of different water requirements are different.Therefore, the variety and quantity of aluminate cement and ultrafine powder should be reasonably selected to meet the demand of artesian refractory castable.


Artesian refractory castable has many base materials and large water demand, so it is very important to choose efficient water reducer.Water reducer generally USES a variety of inorganic or organic water reducer, used alone or used in combination.After adding superplasticizer, it can reduce the water demand of cement, disperse ultrafine powder, fill and improve denaturation, release excess water from the aggregate formed by matrix and become free water, reduce the viscosity of mixture and make castable flow freely.


Remarks: the above information of refractory castable is about "description of artesia refractory castable to suitable binder and water reducer", which is provided by zibo yuneng kiln technology co., LTD.For more information or consultation on high alumina refractory castable, please contact


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