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Definition and characteristics of various amorphous refractories

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Definition and characteristics of various castable



Powder and granular refractory materials with appropriate binder and water, with high mobility of refractory materials, most by casting and/or seismic construction, binder more water setting calcium aluminate cement.A lightweight material made with insulation is called a lightweight castable.



It is composed of powder and granular refractory material, clay and other binder and plasticizer. It is in the form of plaster and has high plasticity for a long time. It can be lightly tamped or compacted during construction to obtain strength through heating.


Ramming material:

It is a kind of loose refractory material composed of powder and granular refractory material and binder.


Injection material:

Spray construction with the use of amorphous refractories, wet construction and dry construction two.Because it is mainly used for coating and repairing other furnace linings, it is also called spray coating and spray feed respectively.


Casting material:

An amorphous refractory for projective construction.


Refractory mortar:

An amorphous refractory composed of a fine powder refractory and a binder.There are ordinary refractory clay, air - hard refractory clay, hydraulic refractory clay and hot refractory clay.Paste and paste mixtures made with appropriate liquids, often called refractory paste and refractory mud, when used for daubing, also known as daubing.


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