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What is silica fume for?

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High Strength Concrete

Self-leveling concrete

Amorphous refractories

Dry Mixed (Ready Mixed) Mortar

High Strength Non-shrinkage Grouting Material

Wear-resistant industrial floor

Repair mortar

polymer mortar

Thermal insulation mortar

Impermeable concrete

Concrete compacting agent

Concrete preservative

Cement-based polymer waterproofing agent



Unsaturated polyester


Reinforcement of Coatings and Other Polymer Materials

Modification of Ceramic Products

New Wall Material and Decoration Material

Raw materials of silicate brick

Production of sodium silicate

New Wall Material and Decoration Material

Polymer mortar, insulation mortar and interface agent for wall insulation

Nano-silica sol as active material for high-grade environmental protection coatings, fireproof and anticorrosive coatings

Putty powder processing for interior and exterior wall construction

It is used as filling and reinforcing material in rubber, resin, paint, unsaturated polyester and other macromolecule materials.

Additives in other active fields


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