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Construction of circulating fluidized bed boiler - castable for fluidized bed

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Cyclone straight

Cyclone separator tube is also the outlet of the furnace to that part, is a high thermal shock, strong mechanical impact, high wear - resistant parts.When the boiler is running, the outlet of the furnace is scouted by the burning particles under the action of strong airflow.Formed vortex shape again in cylinder, repeated scour, so each index requirement to wear-resisting material and construction craft are quite strict.Our factory developed jointly with the relevant materials scientific research production of chromium zirconium corundum brick (physical and chemical indicators see table 1), it with high quality corundum material and bauxite aggregate, industrial alumina as main raw materials, through reasonable proportioning, mixing, with more than 600 t pressure pattern in pressure forming, after high temperature calcine, get big volume density, wear coefficient is small, powerful resistance to impact erosion resistance, good strength, high load softening point of high temperature wear resistance materials.

Construction technology: after the conical casting of cyclone separator is completed, the cyclone separation parts of the straight cylinder are laid. The insulation of the straight cylinder parts starts from the insulation layer. The construction of light-weight floating bead bricks is adopted for the insulation of the straight cylinder parts.Insulating brick masonry to be equipped with corresponding material thermal insulating cement mortar joint control in 0 to 5 mm or so, mortar to full, emperical masonry, masonry wear-resisting brick masonry and keep up with, if the cyclone cylinder simplified in arc welding assembly is not very regular, insulation layer may be a little gap, available light insulation castable infill, chromium zirconium corundum wear-resisting brick masonry is equipped with corresponding high temperature cement materials, under the condition of high temperature, high temperature cement and wear-resisting brick natural crystal form a whole, the wear-resisting brick masonry mortar must be full, mortar joint control in 2 mm or so, avoid the seam with masonry.Wear-resisting brick bracket welding wants firm, proofreading to level, put an end to rugged, expansion joint in 2 cm, ceramic fiber board filled must not overhang and concave, wear-resisting brick to the cyclone tube inlet heat resistant dampers should be between the heat resistant dampers and wear-resisting brick mat LCM ceramic fiber board, wear-resisting brick clamping ceramic fiber board, build by laying bricks or stones to the top level, should set aside the T type expansion joint with roof, after the completion of the masonry walls should be vertical horizontal flat, mortar fullness.

The unevenness, unevenness, unperpendicularity and thickness of masonry shall conform to the following table.  

Allowable error remarks for ordinal items

1 unevenness per meter ≤The 2.5 mm

2 level every two meters ≤5 mm

3 non-perpendicularity &le per meter;3 mm

Physical and chemical indexes of zirconium chromium corundum brick schedule 1


Project refers to the standard

Refractory degree >1790 ℃

Volume density g/cm3 2.8

Compressive strength MPa 115

Apparent porosity % <18

Change % 0.01 on reburning wire

Thermal shock stability sub BBB 0 35

Operating temperature 1450 ℃

Wear resistance cc <6


Physical and chemical indexes of zirconium chromium corundum brick are attached table 2


Project refers to the standard

Fire resistance 1250 ℃

Volume density g/cm3 1.0

Compressive strength MPa 4.0

Change % 0.3 in reburning wire

Maximum operating temperature 1150 ℃

Thermal conductivity w/m. k. 0.38


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