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Circulating fluidized bed steel fiber castable BBB 0 high strength wear resistant castable

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Since founded, the company always adhere to the independent research and development and continuous innovation, research and development of the material successfully broke through the liquid aluminum erosion damage of refractory problem, developed a resistance to erosion, non-stick aluminum series refractory material, will not be sticky aluminum refractory materials used in industry, and the service life of the seepage prevention and performance improvements such as the international leading level, to solve the aluminum refractory materials used in industry and a series of adverse reactions of aluminum liquid problem. To reduce the traditional refractory secondary burning need to increase energy consumption and waste of resources. The company's products cover the aluminum aluminum processing industry, aluminum foil,Wire and cable, pressure casting, aluminium scrap regeneration in various fields, such as aluminum processing industry of melting furnace, holding furnace, transshipment packet filter box, chute, such as high temperature filter box lined with materials. The zibo yu can get the furnace provides the series products of the broad masses of customer recognition and praise, for a long time, the company with professional technology, advanced technology and equipment, high quality products and perfect service, establish a good market image. We insist on "professional focus, integrity-based, exceed customer expectations" business ideas for the future,Take the market as the orientation, take the user demand as own duty, unceasingly innovates, the sustainable development, for "the high-end material China creation" unceasingly diligently advances


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