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Circulating fluidized bed boiler construction management organization

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Construction management organization




1. Project manager: in charge of the leadership work of this project nationwide, he is the first responsible person for the safety and quality of this project, and has the right to make decisions and implement all kinds of things happened in the project.

2. Deputy project manager: assisted the project manager to deal with the recommendation of the construction site, and specifically took charge of the whole process safety management of the project safety, civilized construction, quality and personnel.Responsible for the allocation of various resources, layout of the construction plan, and coordination with party a's business contact.

3. Technical person in charge: fully responsible for the technical work of this project, specifically responsible for organizing the review and approval of technical materials and contact sheets, distributing, summarizing, transferring and filing, and responsible for the quality control and acceptance of the construction site.

4, fire insulation full-time engineer:, responsible for the boiler body fire insulation technical guidance, responsible for the technical, quality, safety and civilized construction of the daily management.

5. Safety officer: directly under the leadership of the project I: I manager, and in business under the leadership of the owner's safety supervision department and the company's security department, specifically responsible for the daily management of the project I: I safety and civilized construction.

6. Quality officer: responsible for the quality control of the construction site, check and accept the inspection work according to the quality inspection plan or the requirements of the owner's quality inspection department, and take charge of the daily management of the quality of the construction site.

7. Material clerk: responsible for machine tools.Daily management, material purchasing, storage and distribution.

8. Staff of daily life: be responsible for the accommodation, meals, tea and other daily logistics services of the rotation workers:

9. Construction leader: responsible for the implementation of various construction tasks, and the project manager responsible for the safety, civilized construction, quality, construction plan and other aspects within the construction scope of the team.

10. Construction personnel: shall comply with the management measures of the project, the work assignment of the person in charge of the construction, the provisions of the factory on the quality, safety and operating environment of the project, and carry out the construction according to the operating instructions.



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