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Introduction and application of aluminum silicate fiber

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Aluminum silicate fiber, also called ceramic fiber, is a new type of lightweight refractory material, which is made from hard clay clinker, fused by electric resistance or arc furnace, and blown into fiber by spraying.The material has the advantages of light bulk density, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low heat conductivity, small heat capacity, good mechanical vibration resistance, small thermal expansion, good thermal insulation performance, etc. After special processing, it can be made into aluminum silicate fiberboard, aluminum silicate fiber felt, aluminum silicate fiber rope, aluminum silicate fiber blanket and other products.The new sealing material has the high temperature resistance thermal conductivity low, the bulk weight light, the service life is long, the tensile strength is big, the elasticity is good, nontoxic and so on the characteristic, is replaces the asbestos the new material, is widely used in the metallurgy, the electric power, the mechanical, the chemical energy energy equipment heat preservation. 

Technical characteristics

(1) low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity

(2) good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance

(3) high compressive strength, good toughness

Excellent wind erosion resistance

(5) excellent machining performance


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