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Instructions and precautions for lightweight castable

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-10     

1. Scope of application

This instruction manual is applicable to the instruction of dry - supplied lightweight castable.

2. Packaging and ingredients

2.1 lightweight pouring materials are packed by woven bags, including aggregates and aluminate cement, the net weight of aggregate is 30 nanostructural per bag, and the net weight of aluminate cement is 25 nanostructural per bag. 


2.2 construction coordination ratio

3, the aggregate: 60 nanostructural (2 bags) nanostructural (2) aluminate salt cement: 25 nanostructural (1 bag) water: 35 ~ 40 nanostructural

3, stirring

3.1 the mixing equipment shall adopt the fast and powerful mixer or other equipment with appropriate capacity.3.2 clear all sundries in the mixer before mixing.

4, mixed

4.1 in the blender, pour aggregate and binder into the blender in proportion, and stir for 1-2 minutes;4.2 add water: add 35 ~ 40㎏ clear water (add water amount depends on the specific situation, pouring material mixed material grouting can be poured)

4.3 stir for 1-2 minutes after adding water;

5. Keep the materials on site

After all materials are delivered to the construction site, they shall be classified and stacked neatly, kept dry to prevent rain, damp and sun exposure, and the storage place of materials used in the construction site shall have strict rain-proof measures.


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