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Introduction to aluminosilicate fibre cotton

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Aluminosilicate fiber cotton refers to the bulk fiber, also known as raw cotton fiber, which is produced by spraying or spinning method and assembled by cotton collector or settling device. It is the raw material for processing secondary fiber products.Aluminum silicate fiber cotton used for various industrial furnace and ladle, the ladle, submerged nozzle of high temperature heat insulation material, industrial electric furnace electrical insulation and thermal insulation materials, oven door and furnace expansion on the sealing material, aluminum model received, microcrystalline glass with hot melt glass membrane, high temperature sealing gasket, instruments and equipment heating device of insulation and electrical insulating materials, acoustical insulation of automobile muffler, the exhaust pipe heat preservation material, etc. 


Common type aluminum silicate fiber cotton, with hard clay clinker as raw material, produced by resistance furnace melting, spraying or throwing silk into fiber technology.High purity type, high aluminum silicate fiber cotton, high purity alumina silica powder synthesis material as raw materials.By the resistance furnace melting, spraying or throwing silk into fiber production process. 


Zirconium type aluminosilicate fiber cotton, with high purity alumina silica powder and zirconium ying yarn synthesis as raw materials, through the resistance furnace melting, spraying or spinning into fiber production process.  


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