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Service temperature of aluminum silicate fiber module

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At present, there is no ideal method to determine the heat resistance index of aluminum silicate fiber module.Generally, ceramic fiber products are heated to a certain temperature, and the difference between the classification temperature and the use temperature of heat-resistant aluminum silicate fiber modules of ceramic fiber products is evaluated according to the sample and the degree of hot-wire shrinkage and crystallization


1, refractory insulation fiber classification temperature: classification temperature is the highest use temperature, it refers to the actual use of refractory insulation fiber materials in the process of the highest use temperature.It is specifically defined as the test temperature when refractory fiber products are heated for 24 hours under non-load conditions and the high-temperature linear shrinkage rate is 4%.Refractory insulation fiber in the temperature of long-term use, its life will be very short, therefore, in practice do not use rashly.


2. Service temperature: service temperature refers to long-term safe service temperature. It refers to the high-temperature line shrinkage rate &le of refractory insulation fiber maintained for 24 hours at a certain temperature.2.Test temperature at 5%.At this temperature, amorphous fibers crystallize, crystalline fiber crystal transformation and grain growth rate is slow, fiber performance is stable, fiber soft and elastic. This temperature is the actual temperature.


3. Relationship between service temperature and fiber life: the service temperature and service life of aluminum silicate fiber module are closely related to its service conditions (furnace atmosphere, composition and content of corrosive substances, etc.).


(1), refractory insulation fiber in the permitted use of temperature conditions, crystal development is slow, the properties of the fiber is relatively stable, in the oxidation atmosphere without external force collision, life can reach 5—For 10 years.


(2), a reducing furnace gas with high purity synthetic materials as the raw material of fiber should be adopted as industrial kiln wall lining material, and wall lining refractory insulation fibre in the smear anticorrosive coatings, this not only improve the chemical stability of ceramic fiber lining, and improve the wind resistant performance of ceramic fiber lining and reduce the heat shrinkage fiber wall lining.In order to obtain the same thermal insulation effect as that under oxidizing atmosphere, the thickness of reinforced fiber wall lining must be calculated according to the composition of reducing atmosphere.


3) according to the type of fuel used in the furnace (gas, oil, coal), furnace atmosphere, composition of corrosive substances in the furnace atmosphere to determine the temperature of refractory insulation fiber.Classification temperature and maximum service temperature of aluminosilicate fiber module refractory fiber will be damaged quickly when used at high temperature (beyond its service temperature), but can be used for a long time within its permitted service temperature range.So far, there is no strict definition and standard for the long-term use temperature and time of refractory fiber.However, it is certain that the crystallization and crystal development of refractory fibers are slow at the permitted long-term service temperature.Considering the influence of furnace atmosphere, the classification temperature and maximum service temperature of refractory fiber in foreign countries are listed in the following table.


In the classification temperature and maximum service temperature of aluminum silicate fiber module, it should be noted that in the furnace with oxidizing atmosphere, the maximum service temperature of refractory fiber is 100-150℃ lower than the classification temperature.In the furnace with reducing atmosphere, the maximum service temperature of refractory fiber is 200-250℃ lower than the classification temperature.In vacuum furnace, the maximum service temperature of aluminum silicate fiber module is 400-450℃ lower than the classification temperature.


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