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Composition and application of refractory castable

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Refractoriness refers to the temperature at which a conical specimen of refractory castable can resist the effect of high temperature without softening the melting under the condition of no load.Refractory castable and high temperature skills appeared together, roughly originated in the middle of the Bronze Age.In the eastern han dynasty, the clay refractory castable saggers were used as kiln materials and saggers. 


Acid refractory castable to compound silicon as an important component, commonly used brick and clay brick.Silica brick is a siliceous product containing more than 93% of combined silicon. The raw materials used are silica, waste silica brick, etc., which has strong corrosion resistance to acid slag, high temperature of softening under load, and the volume of repeated calcining is not reduced, or even slightly expanded.But it is easy to be corroded by alkaline slag and has poor thermal vibration resistance. 


Neutral refractory castable is composed of aluminum, chromium or carbon.Corundum products containing more than 95% of combined aluminum are high quality refractory castable with wide functions.Chrome brick with mixed chromium as the important component has good corrosion resistance to steel slag, but poor thermal vibration resistance, and low temperature of high temperature load and conformation. 

Basic refractory castable is composed of compound magnesium and compound calcium.Magnesite bricks containing more than 80% ~ 85% combined magnesium have very good resistance to basic slag and iron slag, and higher fire resistance than clay brick and silicon brick.


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