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What are the characteristics of aluminum silicate fiber module?

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Aluminum silicate fiber module mainly aluminum silicate as the main raw material, through the latest electric Yin furnace processing principle of production and processing, is one of the highest level of long fibre blanket, good refractory properties can make them in a variety of complex environment will not be easily burned, so the product as the fire-proof material used in many fields.


Aluminum silicate fiber modules are used in industrial building materials, kilns, high-rise buildings and chemical industries. Therefore, the products are of various types, which are mainly divided into ordinary type, high-purity type and high-aluminum type.In the process of processing, the best burnt gemstone is selected as the main material. The burnt gemstone will melt and decompose at the high temperature of 2,400 degrees Celsius, and the fusion coagulant is added to it, so that the product has excellent ductibility and can be cut at will, which brings a lot of convenience for the application of the product.Good seismic effect can alleviate the impact of heavy, lightweight and long distance transport and handling is no longer difficult;Good stability allows it in the high temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius under the action of deformation, excellent insulation effect can be widely used in the pipeline construction industry.


Aluminum silicate fiber module white color can be combined with any color, the size of the product is in line with industrial standards, if there are special requirements can be directly pruned, fire prevention, insulation, insulation characteristics of a good combination, is an important material in the industry.Good toughness and tensile strength guarantee the fiber strength, under the high temperature of one thousand degrees Celsius environment still keeps a good sound absorption effect, the noise can be a good treatment, aluminum silicate fiber modules in building construction but also for ease of household life played a obvious effect, but the aerospace business and military equipment in the production of important material that can't replace.


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