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Method for mixing and agitation of refractory castable

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Refractory casting materials are supplied with dry materials. Before installation and use, add water or other stirring liquid to mix and stir.After the mixing process, construction began.General provisions

(1) the whole bag of refractory materials should be used, not opened, damaged and wet ones

Of the material. 

(2) materials produced by two different manufacturers cannot be mixed, neither can two different materials


(3) cement, limestone and other additives cannot be added in the material (except steel fiber), except

Not approved by the manufacturer. 

(4) caking or leaking refractory in the bag shall not be used.In the transport of refractories

And during storage, it may be pressed into blocks, which can be gently rubbed open by hand without affecting the performance of refractory.

(5) the mixing, delivery and installation of materials shall comply with the manufacturer's recommendation regarding specific materials

Mixing temperature range.Proper mixing temperature can ensure the physical properties of castable.

(6) the installer shall manufacture the necessary temperature control measures at the appropriate mixing temperature.

(7) unless specified by the material manufacturer, the total mixing time from the addition of water shall not be less than 3

Minutes and no more than 5 minutes.For low, ultra-low and no binder refractories, mixing time is the main factor determining the ultimate physical properties of the material. 

(8) the amount of refractories mixed each time should be arranged according to the workload, and the amount should not be used each time

Too large to ensure mixed materials are installed before molding. 

(9) the refractory material shall be transported to the installation site immediately after it is released from the mixer.Mix, add water,

Delivery and refractory construction time interval should comply with the material manufacturer's regulations.

(10) measures shall be taken to prevent material separation in the conveying process of the mixture. 


The addition of steel fibers

Refractory materials shall be added to the steel fiber as required. The steel fiber shall be added to the mixing equipment with dry refractory materials or later, and before mixing water is added.Steel fiber should be added to the mixture in a free dispersion state.After adding the steel fiber, the mixing equipment should run for 1-2 minutes before adding the water.Generally, steel fiber shall be pre-packed by weighing in proportion (about 1.5-2% of the total weight of refractory castable), and the material of steel fiber shall be refractory stainless steel with high content of chromium and nickel.

Add water

The amount of water added in the mixer should be determined according to the actual weight of refractory materials and should be added according to the reference amount of water in the material instruction manual.The amount added shall be precisely measured by the volume or weight specified in the approved installation procedure.The water used for stirring construction should be fresh and clean, and the water should be controlled between 5℃ and 40℃.The chloride ion content in the water should not exceed 50PPM.The PH is between 6.5 and 7.5.The added water amount should be measured accurately according to the added water amount in the construction instructions. Under the conditions that can be constructed, the water should be used as little as possible to achieve better performance.


Mixing is a very important process because it has a decisive impact on the quality of the lining. It is very important to use the right mixing equipment, watch the right mixing time and use the right amount of mixing fluid. 

Refractory castable shall be stirred by forced mixer whose speed is not less than 18 RPM. Manual stirring is not allowed. It is recommended to use the forced mixer as shown in the figure below.

Mixing control

To achieve uniform distribution of refractories, stir without water for 30-60 seconds, then add 80% water.The remaining water should be measured carefully to get the best consistency.The amount of water used can vary slightly.For heavy materials, mixing water consumption is allowed up to ± 0.5%.

The correct amount of water added can be determined by (consistency test).

There are two ways to check:

Handball test method: after adding water, castable in the hand to form a "ball".If the "ball" :

Comminution and separation: indicates that the added water amount of castable is not enough;

Slight flow: the amount of water added to the castable as required by the design:

Immediate flow: too much water is added to the castable. 

Vibrator test: place a vibrator in the mixer tray:

After pulling out the vibrator, if there is a hole on the refractory castable, it indicates that the added water amount of the castable is not enough:

If the flow of the refractory is good, the amount of water added to the castable as required by the design is too high if there is water accumulation in the vibration

Important: with a dry mixer, a little more water is required for the first stir to wet the mixer beforehand.


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