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What are the casting methods of alkali resistant castable?

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-10-15     

Alkali resistant castable is one of the best amorphous refractory materials which can resist alkali corrosion. It can be used for casting inner lining of rotary kiln.Below we will introduce the construction of alkali - resistant castable in which pouring methods.

The casting method of alkali-resistant castable material can adopt the plastic-forming method for castable material, because alkali-resistant castable material has good fluidity, so it is the most suitable method for this method.Usually, the prefabricated billet is put into the mud extrusion equipment, which is extruded into slime strips, and then cut into blocks by the cutting equipment. The blank is made according to the required size and pressed to make the blank body have the specified size and shape.Plastic molding is often used to produce large or especially complex alkali resistant castable products.Plastic pouring alkali resistant castable has its advantages, but there are also some shortcomings, plastic method of pouring water, alkali resistant castable body adobe low intensity, appearance size is not accurate, drying process is complex, shrinkage ratio is too large when more than 10%, therefore, in the alkali resistant castables with products of the production, in addition to the part of the products, using plastic molding in less.


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