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Characteristics of castable for blast furnace ditch

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1, enough strength to resist the erosion of molten iron and slag. 

2, before the furnace operation cycle is short, the ditch or repair time should be compressed to the minimum as far as possible, so the pouring material to add less water, good liquidity, and can be quickly baked.

3, ditch lining temperature changes, iron, iron temperature at 1500℃, stop iron, ditch lining temperature drops sharply.At present, most of the domestic blast furnace after iron to spray cooling gun mud and cooling part of the ditch lining, in order to remove slag.This causes the casting material to be frequently in the hot and cold state.Therefore, castable must have good thermal shock resistance and oxidation resistance.

4, with pouring material to build the iron ditch is a whole.No matter in the baking or use can not be more than a certain limit of cracks, or there will be drilling or iron leakage of the malignant accident.Therefore, the castable should have high filling density and volume stability.

5. The adhesion rate of castable to molten iron and slag should be small, so as to avoid the effort of removing slag iron before furnace.Castable should also have strong resistance to erosion and erosion of molten iron and slag.

6, in the use of intermediate repair, the old material and the new material adhesion is good.In this way, the service life of trench lining can be effectively extended, and the consumption of refractories can be reduced. 

7. In order to avoid the pollution of the environment before the furnace, the castable shall not contain tar and other harmful substances.



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