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Circulating fluidized bed boiler construction technology - furnace outlet, cyclone separator inlet

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Furnace outlet, cyclone separator inlet

Furnace exit at the corner corner and top parts, is not easily shuttering place, our factory on the basis of the scoop corundum castable produce a wear-resistant plastic (see chart) physical and chemical index, performance index and corundum castable, which there are differences between the two materials on the combination of technology, construction technology, of course, also have the difference, wear-resistant plastic complex parts suitable for boiler construction instead of wear resistant castables.

Clean work surface treatment before construction technology, construction, water wall pin with 1 mm asphalt, asphalt after drying, according to the requirements put plastic mixture laid on the desired part, with a wooden hammer or batch ramming hammer, ah, ramming wants even, plastic mixture to finish within the prescribed period of time the disposable use, thickness size to meet the requirements, the first and the second construction cracks excessively to tightly neat, construction good wear-resisting can ask plastic surface level off, smooth, avoid to produce pits and uneven, and natural curing ventilation situation.

Corundum can be plastic physical and chemical indicators schedule 

linear change on reheating 

数  值
 refractory temperature      ℃ >1790
 volume density    g/cm3 >2.6
 compressive strength 110℃ >70
1100℃ >85
1350℃ >88
breaking strength  MPa 110℃ >7
1100℃ >10
1350℃ >8

Thermal shock stability       time       >40
 work temperature         ℃ 1350
abrasive resistance         cc <8



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