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Characteristics and construction process of wear-resistant plastics

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-10     


Wear-resistant plastic is a kind of high - aluminum, rigid jade granular products.Compared with traditional refractory plastic, it has simple construction, good efficiency, good molding, high strength and excellent performance, the material is composed of adhesive, refractory aggregate and hardening agent, adding a certain proportion of PA glue to form a kind of plastic refractory clay, convenient for the construction of various complex parts.Belongs to the gas rigid material, has the low temperature hardening performance, guarantees the circulation fluidized bed boiler the abrasion resistance need. 


Construction technology:

When using the use of forced agitator mixing, in the mixing will be small bags of hardening agent evenly add, dry stir 1 minute, and then add 4-5% adhesive stirring 3 minutes, waiting for a certain plastic, can be discharged out of use. 


Using rubber hammer or machine ramming construction, the construction time is guaranteed to be 30 minutes later, the initial setting time is about 1 hour. 

When construction, can plastic laid certain thickness, do not exceed 60mm commonly thick, with rubber hammer or wood hammer ramming solid, ramming furnace wall and other parts do not need support model commonly, the lining body after ramming is thicker than design dimension, should remove in time redundant part.Even or support mold, such as furnace top and other parts of the construction after the removal of the mold, if there are redundant parts to be removed.Trim down the surplus material if not dry can be put on the non - work surface continue to use.The finishing work should be carried out in parallel with the ramming process.If the construction is interrupted, to use plastic cloth and other things will pound surface cover, to prevent rapid drying.Wear-resisting but the construction time after plastic agitator is about 30 minutes (change with environment temperature somewhat), once time is too long after hardening, should throw away, cannot continue to use.

Applicable area:

Wide range of application, according to the use of conditions to choose the material and binder.It can be directly poured into the lining body for use, and can be made into precast blocks by pouring or shaking.It is suitable for the high temperature area with small friction, such as the bottom air chamber of boiler, primary air passage, feed back riser (feed leg), feed back device, feed back pipe, rear flue wall, slag cooler, rear flue door filling, etc.

Preservation method:

Generally in the shade of closed light preservation, storage period for two to three months or so.


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