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Circulating fluidized bed boiler construction technology - furnace

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-10-15     

Cyclone separator cone for return material device (return material box, return material leg)

Cone cyclone separator through tremie pipe down, return container to return leg, is the key part of boiler, because of its working environment is more complicated, returned to the container space is small and high temperature wear resistance area, and repair more trouble, so choose high quality wear-resistant castable and high quality construction is the key to maintain its extended use cycle, I plant over the years for material, on the basis of fluidized bed boiler with wear-resisting pouring materials for summarizing experience, together with the relevant scientific research units to develop, test and optimize the material combination, developed the high strength wear resistant casting material (see chart) physical and chemical indicators, give full play to the performance of the material, prolong its service life.High strength wear-resisting casting material is a kind of material with high temperature abrasion resistance, thermal shock resistance, high stability, strong mechanical impact resistance and good spalling resistance.

Construction technology: castable in the construction process, a set of strict requirements of the program, from mix to pour finished, including to later maintenance drying.Return the material leg to the separator cone in the construction, according to the requirements of the drawing design welding heat-resistant nails, spacing should be uniform, must use stainless steel welding rod welding, heat-resistant nails according to the length of wear layer and insulation layer thickness.General is a surface protective layer 1 ㎝ advisable, then pouring insulation castable, insulation castable pouring to solid, level off, to be fully dry, hardening, have certain compressive strength, and the die casting high strength wear resistant castable, casting wear-resisting layer of heat-resistant clutched the needle to besmear before asphalt 1 mm, in place to keep expansion joint, expansion joint material with 5 mm ceramic fiber board advisable, specifications to work environment, to correct pattern plate specification, solid and firm, mix well with a strong vibration casting, for the first and the second pouring of gap junction surface must be clean,Avoid substances such as mortar and wood chips remaining on the surface.After pouring, the material rest should be in the static state without external force, and the natural maintenance should be more than 12 hours before the mold is dismantled (it can be extended appropriately when the ambient temperature is low). During the whole pouring process, professional and technical personnel must be on site to guide the construction, and strictly control the proportion of water added, stirring time and vibration time.From adding water and stirring to the completion of vibration construction within the specified time, it fully reflects the wear resistance of the material.

High resistance castable schedule

 Item parameter
refractory temperature          ℃ >1500
volume density         g/cm3 >2.7
pressive strength MPa 110℃ >120
1100℃ >125
1350℃ >120
bending strength MPa 110℃ >10
1100℃ >12
1350℃ >9.5
burn after line changes        % 0.2
Thermal shock stability         time >20
work temperature           ℃ 1350
wear resistant           cc <8


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