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Top ten points of using castables (check)

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Top ten points of using castables (check)

1. Check the site cleaning work of the castable construction site

2. Check the specifications, model, size, placement and welding quality of the anchor. The metal anchors must be treated for expansion.

3. Check whether the tools for pouring materials for construction are complete and clean.

4. Check if there are any materials in the construction site and whether the site is clean.

5, check the construction water, strict control, add water to less than more.

6, check whether the castables expired, depending on the invoice and the production date of the bag. Materials that have expired may not be used.

7. Check the power supply, ensure that there is no power outage during the construction of the castable, and the construction cannot be interrupted in the middle.

8. Check whether the template branches are neat, tight or firm before pouring, and then pour. When pouring, apply oil to the template and then apply.

9. Check the quality of the honeycomb, peeling and voids when the mold is removed. If it is handled in time, continue to protect.

Cover the scene with concrete and mortar.

10. Check that the expansion joint cannot be forgotten in the castable. You can operate it immediately by checking the above procedures.


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