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Low cement castable USES and advantages

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Main USES and advantages of low cement castable

Main USES:Low cement castable and ultra low cement castable use temperature than refractory castable with high temperature as well as a raw material clay and high aluminum and low cement castable for heating furnace, soaking furnace and heat treatment furnace and kiln lining of mullite stone low cement castable lining for a variety of high temperature burner, binding of water heating furnace lining, such as corundum and chromium have just the quality of the jade low cement castable used in molten steel is pithy device parts outside the furnace lining body is also used to power frequency induction furnace lining petrochemical catalytic cracking reactor Al2O3 - SiC - C such as high wear-resisting material quality, and the low cement castable used in blast furnace iron groove, cupola iron groove, hot metal pretreatment with all the sprayPowder gun liner, etc

Low cement castable castable is also known as refractory castable.The utility model relates to a granular and powdery material made of a refractory material with a certain amount of binding agent.With high fluidity, it is suitable for amorphous refractories formed by casting method

The application temperature of low cement castable and ultra-low cement castable is higher than that of general refractory onlyThe application temperature of low cement castable and ultra-low cement castable is higher than that of general refractory castable

With low cement castable refractory castable is general similar, they are both composed of refractory aggregate, refractory powder, and contact the agent, is not the same as in the contact and composition by refractory powder and substrate, with super fine powder to replace some or all of alumina cement, to participate in a small amount of disintegrating agent ultrafine powder and evenly between the aggregate particles, filling in sub-micron field, then constitute uniform fine arrangement structure.The key to this type of castable is the introduction of ultrafine powder and its dispersion skills.In the category of amorphous refractories, the general cement casting prediction of low temperature strength, poor resistance to shedding function;In the early 1970s, although the strength of gu-linked castable was improved, its strength at room temperature was much lower than that of general cement castable. They were not satisfied with the needs of industrial furnaces and thermal equipment for refractories. In order to change this situation, low-cement and high-strength refractory castable was developed at home and abroad in recent years.



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