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Strong properties of refractory castable at high temperatures

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-10     

Refractory castable, the most favored unshaped refractory, refractory market proportion of the highest, its unique performance makes it unique in the application.

The characteristics of refractory castable compared with other refractories, its early strength is very high, rapid cooling and heat resistance, the first week or so of the compressive strength can be stable at more than 30Mpa;The defect is in the middle of refractory castable, because the volume stability is not good enough, the corresponding compressive strength will continue to reduce, may reach about 40% at most;This will affect the use of the furnace, so the requirements for refractory castable at least in the early stage must meet the national standards or even beyond the standard.Later, when the firing temperature of the kiln reaches 1100 degrees, the cement in the castable starts to set gradually, and the crystal changes into immolite crystal. When the temperature rises, the corresponding new crystal changes faster and its strength increases.After 1300 degrees, the compressive strength of refractory castable will reach the highest, which can reach more than 60Mpa.Powerful performance overview.

This paper introduces the strong performance of refractory castable at high temperature. It is hoped that you can consider whether it is suitable for use or not according to the use of your own kiln.In order to produce better products.


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