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Product description, characteristics and application of aluminum silicate refractory fiber needled rolled blanket

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The following is to introduce the product description, characteristics and application of shandong liyang aluminosilicate refractory fiber needled rolled blanket:

Aluminum silicate refractory fiber: white color, regular size, fire resistance, heat insulation, heat preservation in one.Does not contain any binder.In neutral, oxidation atmosphere when long-term use can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure.The operating temperature is 950-1350℃.

Characteristics of aluminosilicate refractory fiber: excellent chemical stability;Excellent thermal stability;Excellent tensile strength;Low thermal conductivity;Low heat capacity;Excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance.

Typical applications of aluminosilicate refractory fibers: aerospace, steel, petrochemical high temperature insulation;Fire insulation of military equipment;Industrial kiln, heating device wall lining, back lining insulation insulation;High temperature equipment insulation;High temperature pipe insulation;Electrical components heat insulation and fire prevention;High temperature gasket;Material of module and folding block.


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