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General knowledge of refractory castable

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Castable as a new type of refractory material, its main characteristic is to have high liquidity, suitable for forming of monolithic refractories in pouring way, compared with other monolithic refractories, binder and moisture content is higher, liquidity is good, so not stereotypes refractories has a wide application range, according to the conditions of use of the materials and the binder used to choose them.It can be directly poured into the lining body for use, and can be made into precast blocks by pouring or shaking.

1. Q: what is castable? 

Answer: castable is a kind of uncertain refractory material using the construction method of ram-casting vibration can discharge the bubbles in the material to achieve density. 

2. Q: what are the application fields of castable? 

Answer: building materials industry (cement glass ceramics, etc.), petrochemical industry, electric power industry, metallurgical industry, nonferrous metal and similar high temperature kilns. 

3. Q: is the amount of water added during the construction of castable strictly controlled?Answer: must control strictly, execute strictly according to product construction specification. 

4. Q: what should be paid attention to during the construction of castable in summer?A: attention should be paid to the following questions:

A. It is forbidden for pouring material to be exposed to the sun. B

C. Shading should also be done at the construction site. Water spray cooling treatment can be done on the outer wall of the equipment if conditions permit

5. Q: what should be paid attention to in the construction of castable in winter?A: attention should be paid to the following questions:

A. preferably in a covered workshop

B. If there is no condition, a shed can be built on site for insulation

C. Stir 30 ° c to 50 ° c with warm water


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7. Q: how to preserve the castable? 

Answer: pouring material should be saved in the storehouse that has canopy and want to do moistureproof layer below must not rain be affected by damp

8. Q: how to maintain the castable after construction? 

A: hydraulic castable with natural moisturizing maintenance 24 hours maintenance 24 hours for special large quantity of cement traditional hydraulic castable for 48 hours moisture curing hot rigid castable curing process shall not touch water, should be under 85% relative humidity for hydraulic castable nature conservation, specific product specification shall prevail. 

9. Q: how to bake the castable? 

Answer: castable general baking system in strict accordance with the product instructions to prevent incorrect oven caused by the adverse consequences.


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