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The heat conduction principle of ceramic fiber blanket and its influencing factors

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Ceramic fiber blanket has the thermal conductivity close to the air, because the ceramic fiber blanket is composed of solid fiber and air mixture planning, porosity up to more than 90%, many low thermal conductivity air filled in the pores, and destroyed the solid molecule continuous network planning, and then obtain excellent insulation function.And the smaller the diameter of pores, along the direction of heat flow by solid fiber cutting closed conditions of the number of pores, ceramic fiber blanket insulation function is better.

The main factors affecting the thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber blanket include the following aspects: temperature, density, slag ball, fiber diameter, fiber humidity, application atmosphere, fiber direction.Because ceramic fiber blankets are different from traditional firebricks, thermal insulation bricks are planned and then selected with different heat transfer processes.The heat transfer in ceramic fiber blanket is not only the heat conduction of solid fiber, but also the heat conduction of air, the heat transfer of gas in the open space and the radiation heat transfer between the hole wall.

Understand the thermal conductivity principle of ceramic fiber blanket and several aspects affecting its thermal conductivity coefficient, then in the process of production, manufacturers can try to avoid the occurrence of these problems, the production of higher quality products.


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