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What are the characteristics of aluminum silicate plate?How about fire resistance?

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In addition to glass wool and rock wool on the building, aluminum silicate board is also used as the necessity of external insulation materials, so why is it so popular?What are the characteristics of aluminum silicate plate?How about fire resistance?Let's take a look today.

Characteristics of aluminum silicate plate

1. Green doesn't hurt

As a new kind of green inorganic material, it is necessary to meet the requirements, whether from composition, sound absorption, water resistance, or even gas volatilization, to meet the national safety standards and product standards.

2, water absorption flame retardant

To a large extent to make up for the traditional insulation material water absorption, easy to corrosion defects, at the same time to make up for the polybenzene board material flammable, poor fire resistance, easy to produce harmful gas defects.

3, sealed firmly

Strong sealing performance.Simple construction, strong adhesion, and not limited by the insulation body geometry.The products meet the national standard of building insulation mortar and meet the requirements of national fire protection and environmental protection.

4. Energy conservation and environmental protection

The use of aluminum silicate board can play a certain thermal insulation effect on the building, can reduce the use of fuel and save energy, and has a certain environmental protection effect.

Fire resistance of aluminum silicate plate

As a widely used thermal insulation material, aluminum silicate board not only has good thermal insulation performance, but also has high requirements for its fire resistance.Under normal circumstances, the refractory temperature of aluminum silicate board insulation materials can reach 1580~1770℃, of course, this is also related to the selection of raw materials, processing technology, process, production method, if you want to achieve a better refractory temperature, the raw materials must choose high quality.

Refractory performance of aluminum silicate board is a serious impact on the use of materials, so consumers in the choice of a concern about thermal insulation performance, to this aspect should also pay special attention, of course, the most simple method is to choose excellent professional, reliable aluminum silicate board manufacturers.

Aluminum silicate superior performance, if you have any questions about this can contact us, we will answer for you in detail!


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