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Zibo yuneng kiln technology co., LTD

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-12     

Zibo yuneng kiln technology co., LTD. Is a professional casting materials manufacturers, the main products are castable refractory castable, wear-resisting, high alumina castable, corundum castable, acid alkali castable, corrosion resistant castable, castable, fibre castables, slag resistance of castable, anticaking sulfur castable, insulation castable, light castables, low cement castable, artesian castable, such as dozens of varieties, the company has professional technical professionals, unique production process, at the same time have a strict quality management system, to ensure product quality stability.

The company is located in zichuan district, zibo city, shandong refractories base, with rich refractories platform and technology exchange platform, rich construction experience, excellent technical staff.At the same time, the formula can be adjusted according to the customer's construction requirements, so that the castable more in line with the customer's requirements.Welcome new and old customers to visit and consult.

Consultation telephone: 13969398567 contact: manager sun



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