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Properties and construction of amorphous refractory materials refractory plastics

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Refractory plastics in recent years in the number and application of the scope of great development, now not only from the initial only used for heating furnace bottom pipe wrapping and soaking furnace mouth, and has appeared all with plastic furnace.

Refractory can be compared with refractory concrete, in terms of raw material composition is similar, including aggregate, cementing agent and additives, but can be plastic to add raw clay plasticizer, so that the material has plasticity.According to the different aggregates used, refractory plastics can be divided into clay, high aluminum, magnesium, silica and so on.At present, the domestic use is based on phosphate - aluminum sulfate as a binding agent of clay refractory plastics.

Ceramic fiber plastic can use clay clinker as aggregate, the current use of the aggregate is the size of less than 10mm coke gem clinker containing aluminum oxide 46% silicon oxide 52%, and requires angular, aggregate should have a good volume stability.As plastic mixed with a certain amount of raw clay, so in the drying and heating requirements of shrinkage, such as shrinkage will appear cracks or even damage.Therefore, aggregate can not be too fine, particle size should be appropriate.In order to control the shrinkage at high temperature, for example, adding high-alumina powder as admixture, relying on the free aluminum oxide in alumina and silica in clay, the secondary mullite is petrified in the heating process, generating expansion to offset the shrinkage brought by clay and keeping the volume of plastic stable.

Refractory plastics can be added to the role of clay, both as a plasticizer, and as a binding agent.Soft clay with good plasticizability and high fire resistance should be selected.A small amount of bentonite is sometimes added to improve low temperature and plasticity. In addition to raw clay and bentonite, chemical binders are also added to plastics.In order to improve the plasticity and normal temperature strength of refractory plastics, extend their storage life, some organic additives can also be added.Good quality plastic can be stored for 3-6 months, up to a year.

Refractory plastic construction can be tamped with a template (air hammer or hammer), can not use a template, but the internal anchoring pieces or use heat-resistant steel fiber, furnace bottom water pipe with plastic wrap, the internal hook with metal or steel wire spring ring.

Refractory plastics are not only used for wrapping the bottom water pipes, but also used in the top of heating furnace, burner brick, pit mouth and flue arch etc.It has the following advantages:

1. Refractory high alumina silicate refractory can be plastic refractory to 1750-1850 degrees, more than clay brick, to reach the level of high alumina brick, can be used in direct contact with the flame.

2.Rapid cooling and heat resistance so that the parts used for drastic temperature changes will not crack and flake.For example, the furnace wall at the mouth of soaking pit, the service life of firebrick is only half a year to a year, and the use of fireproof plastic can last for more than a year and a half.

3. Good insulation performance can be plastic than brick thermal conductivity is small, so the heat loss is small, can reduce combustion consumption, improve furnace temperature.Such as continuous heating furnace water pipe with plastic wrap, can reduce fuel consumption 20%, increase furnace output 15%-20%, water pipe black marks reduce.Cooling water usage is also down by two-thirds.The cost of dressing is quickly recouped from fuel economy alone.

4. Good slag resistance can resist the corrosion of iron oxide slag, and the slag is not easy to bond, easy to remove.

5. Good shock resistance and wear resistance are used for wrapping up water pipes and stepping beams of stepping furnace, which are not easy to fall off and damage.

Compared with firebrick, refractory plastic has simple production process, easy construction, fast furnace building, convenient repair, and good integrity.

Compared with refractory concrete, construction does not require formwork and curing time.Because the glass phase produced at high temperature is less, the performance is better than the refractory concrete of the same material.Refractory plastic disadvantage is the volume shrinkage, such as no shrinkage agent can be plastic drying up to about 4%;Low strength at room temperature.


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