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CFB boiler installation standard

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 Inspection standard for materials and installation of CFB boilers

The name of the standardstandard No.
Steel fiber reinforced refractory castableJC/T499-1996
High strength refractory castableJC/T498-1996
Clay and high alumina dense refractoryYB/T5083-1997
Clay and high alumina refractory plasticsYB/T5115-1993
Preparation scheme of clay and high alumina refractory samplesYB/T5116-1993
Test method for linear rate of change of clay and high alumina refractoriesYB/T5117-1993
Test method for strength of clay and high alumina refractoriesYB/T5118-1993
Test method for apparent porosity and volume density of dense refractory castableYB/T5200-1993
Test method for bending strength and compressive strength of dense refractory castable at room temperatureYB/T5201-1993
Safety, health and environmental management systemYB/T5203-1993
Technical specifications for construction and acceptance of electric power construction (boiler units)HSEMS standard
Industrial furnace masonry construction and acceptanceDL/T5047-95


· construction shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements and instructions of furnace wall masonry in boiler factory and relevant laws and regulations of the state.

· acceptance shall be conducted in accordance with relevant provisions and design requirements in code for construction and acceptance of electric power construction and technical guidelines for boiler wall construction.


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