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Lightweight mullite brick


    Lightweight mullite brick

    Product specification

    [product name] : lightweight mullite

    [product model] : temperature resistance 1350, 1450, 1550, 1600 series

    [recommended site] : industrial furnace lining or insulation layer

    Product information

    【 characteristics 】 : mullite insulating brick stone series products use natural high aluminum and low iron material with high quality, which is mainly composed of mullite crystal phase structure of high quality heat insulation refractory brick, the products are: high crushing strength, good thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, resistance to penetration ability, scour resistance and other characteristics, can be widely used in metallurgical, petrochemical, machinery, ceramics and other industries, industrial furnaces lining or insulation layer, is a kind of ideal product of energy saving and efficiency increasing longevity.


    【 application parts 】 : light mullite brick is suitable for: hot surface lining and backing lining of various industrial furnaces in metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials, ceramics, machinery and other industries

    Zibo Yuneng Kiln Technology Co.,Ltd. is the professional Lightweight mullite brick manufacturer in Shandong。Our company Lightweight mullite brick sincerely obtains the prestige,rewards our customers with the preferential price of Lightweight mullite brick and warm service。Our main products:refractory castable,high strength castable,alumina silicate fiber module,alumina silicate felt,alumina silicate fiber blanket,alumina silicate cotton,etc。The products sell well in dozens of metallurgical,chemical and electric power enterprises all over the country and are well received by users。The company's unique production process,quality management and testing equipment to ensure product quality and stability,has a high-quality staff and professional and technical personnel,according to the different requirements of users,the development and design of a variety of new refractory materials。To know the latest Lightweight mullite brick price can be posted on our website,we will contact you within 24 hours,Tel: 13864463333 Manager Sun。

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