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Aluminum silicate fibre blanket


    Aluminum silicate fibre blanket

    Product specification

    [product name] : aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket

    [product model] :

    [recommended parts] : fire insulation parts of industrial kilns and pipes

    Product information

    [performance and characteristics] : all kinds of aluminum silicate fiber blankets are made of ordinary type, standard type, high purity type, high aluminum type and zirconium type silicate fiber cotton produced by silk spinning and forming technology through needling, heat shaping, heald crosscutting, winding and other processes.All kinds of needled blankets have the same excellent properties as the corresponding varieties of loose aluminosilicate fiber cotton, and have excellent kang tensile strength.The needle - punched carpet has even texture and smooth surface.Needled blankets of different capacities and thicknesses provide a wide range of materials for users to obtain the best insulation structure and energy saving benefits.Zirconium containing type, high aluminum silicate type aluminum fiber cotton;Through the high purity alumina silica powder synthesis material as raw materials, through the resistance furnace melting, spraying or throwing silk into fiber production process.

    Low thermal conductivity and low thermal capacity;Excellent thermal properties and thermal shock resistance;Excellent tensile strength;Excellent heat insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption.

    Place of use:

    1. Industrial building materials kiln, heating device, high temperature pipe lining

    2. Heat insulation for electric boilers, gas turbines and nuclear power plants

    3, chemical industry high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment wall lining

    4, high temperature building fire prevention, heat insulation

    5, furnace door, roof heat insulation

    6. High temperature filter material


    Performance indicators

    Itemscommonstandardhigh purehigh aluminium contain zirconium
    classfication tem.(℃)12601260130014001430
    working tem.(℃)<10001000115012601350
    colorwhitepure whitepure whitepure whitepure white
    volume density (kg/m3)96 128 96 128 96 128 128 160 128 160
    Permanent shrinkage(%) insulation 24h volume density 128kg/m3-3 (1000℃)-3 (1000℃)-3 (1100℃)-3 (1200℃)-3 (1350℃)
    Thermal conductivity at various surface temperatures(W/MK)  volume density 128kg/m30.09(400℃)  0.16(800℃)0.09(400℃)  0.16(800℃)0.09(400℃)  0.16(800℃)  0.2(1000℃)0.12(600℃)  0.2(1000℃)0.16(800℃)   0.2(1000℃)
    Tensile strength(Mpa) volume density 128kg/m30.
    chemical compositionAl2O344-454647-4952-5539-40


    Measure mmGeneral type:7200*610*10-50 also order as customers requirement

    Zibo Yuneng Kiln Technology Co.,Ltd. is the professional Aluminum silicate fibre blanket manufacturer in Shandong。Our company Aluminum silicate fibre blanket sincerely obtains the prestige,rewards our customers with the preferential price of Aluminum silicate fibre blanket and warm service。Our main products:refractory castable,high strength castable,alumina silicate fiber module,alumina silicate felt,alumina silicate fiber blanket,alumina silicate cotton,etc。The products sell well in dozens of metallurgical,chemical and electric power enterprises all over the country and are well received by users。The company's unique production process,quality management and testing equipment to ensure product quality and stability,has a high-quality staff and professional and technical personnel,according to the different requirements of users,the development and design of a variety of new refractory materials。To know the latest Aluminum silicate fibre blanket price can be posted on our website,we will contact you within 24 hours,Tel: 13864463333 Manager Sun。

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