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Series of iron ditch castable for 2000 cubic blast furnace


    Series of iron ditch castable for 2000 cubic blast furnace

    Product specification

    [product name] : series of iron ditch castable for large blast furnace

    [product model] : mt-mg, mt-tg, mt-zg, mt-my

    Recommended site: blast furnace body

    Product information

    [performance characteristics] : mt-mg, mt-tg, mt-zg, mt-my are low-cement refractory castable used in the iron channel of large blast furnace. The main materials are brown corundum, high-quality bauxite, high-purity silicon carbide, etc., and cement is used as the binding agent. In this product, high-performance water-reducing agent and explosion-proof agent are added to improve the construction performance and service performance of the product.Material properties:

    1) strong resistance to corrosion and erosion of molten iron and slag;

    2) good thermal shock resistance and small change of reburning volume;

    3) strong antioxidant capacity;

    4) good workability and liquidity of construction stirring materials;

    5) no harmful gas, no slag iron, long service life.

    Construction and preservation method:

    Vibration pouring construction.

    Plastic coated woven bag packaging, packaging specifications of 1000kg/ bag or 500kg/ bag;

    Store in a dry, ventilated, moisture-proof and sun-resistant warehouse.

    Generally, the maximum storage life is 6 months.


    [application site] : mt-mg is recommended to be used in the main iron groove of large blast furnaces, and can also be used to repair the impact zone of the main groove. Mt-tg, mt-zg and mt-my are recommended to be used in the permanent lining site of large blast furnaces.


    Performance indicators

    Chemical conposition(%)AL203≧70557070
    Volume density  (g/cm3)110℃*24h

    Bending strength(MPa)≧110℃*24h8637
    Pressive strength(MPa)≧110℃*24h40353535
    line changes(%)1450℃*3h±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3
    form of construction The main iron and purchasingThe slag iron ditchThe iron ditchMain ditch permanent lining

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