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Summarize the inspection scope of castable in furnace maintenance

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A.Inspection scope of castable:

1. Fire-resistant and wear-resistant surface of water wall around dense phase zone of lower furnace can be made of plastic

2. Corundum corundum can be used as anti-abrasion beam for water-cooled wall around the furnace

3. Corundum plastic at the bottom of the furnace hanging screen and through the wall

4. Corundum plastic for horizontal flue at furnace outlet

5. Insulation castable at separator inlet

6. Corundum plastic on inner surface of cyclone separator

7. Corundum plastic on inner surface of feed legs and feed back legs

8. Corundum corundum plastic for outlet of separator

9. Fire-resistant and wear-resistant plastic between cloth wind board and wind cap

10. Refractory and wear-resistant plastics in water and air cooling room

11. Start the firebrick inside the burner

12. Fire-resistant and wear-resistant plastics are available at manhole doors of boiler furnace and rear flue

(note: refractory and wear-resistant plastics, corundum plastics, insulation and insulation castable are collectively referred to as castable)

Ii. Castable inspection items:

1. Whether there are network cracks and penetrating cracks on the surface of castable. 

2. Whether the castable will affect the normal use of the thermal measuring point. 

3. Wear and loss of castable. 

4. Whether the periphery of pouring material is smooth.


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