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Preparation of castable before construction

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Because construction and preparation work is an important part of anti-corrosion and heat preservation project, it directly affects the quality progress and safety of anti-corrosion and heat preservation project.

1. Personnel organization:

Selected by the company have a ability of organization, construction management experience, know the anti-corrosion insulation of leading group for technical personnel, and organize the healthy body of the anticorrosion and thermal insulation installation demolition technology skilled personnel, to participate in the project construction, construction personnel should ErSanTian arrived at the construction site before the construction, erection of a temporary facilities, accept the management and technical personnel to the construction site, the interpretation of exploration situation and accept technical clarificaiton safety in construction of this project, with management personnel, technical personnel analysis the technical difficulties and control during the construction of some hidden trouble in security of operations,Let every construction personnel to this project construction technology requirements, safe production do know, do not fight blind war.Be accomplished even additionally the each protective measure of material, construction object.


2. Technical data organization and preparation:

Prior to the commencement of the project, relevant materials shall be organized and prepared, such as filling in the commencement report, preparing the construction plan, sampling inspection of materials, construction records, safety records and other work.


3. Material purchase preparation:

Before the construction, all the materials should be purchased and checked to see whether the specifications and performance meet the operation requirements.Material purchase should be attached with qualification certificate, quality inspection report and other relevant technical information, material storage, should pay attention to moisture-proof, rainproof measures, insulation material storage should be placed in a ventilated, dry place, such as placed outdoors below should be set up moisture barrier layer, outside application of canvas or color strip cloth cover up.Avoid damp, rain, affect the quality and performance of materials.


4. Equipment preparation:

Before the start of construction, all the machines and tools used are tricycle, electric grinding wheel cutting, steel wire pliers, scissors, trowel, dust board, hand saw, electric welding machine, spatula, welding handle, cable, brush, bucket and other construction tools.And check the damage degree of serious damage to timely replacement, to ensure the smooth progress of the project.


5. Purchase and preparation of labor protection supplies:

Prepare safety belts, safety helmets, goggles, masks, overalls, shoes and other labor protection measures.


6. Organization and preparation of fire appliances:

Before the start of construction should be organized to prepare a good fire appliances, such as: powder fire extinguisher, sand, shovel, etc.And reach everyone who can use fire appliances.


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