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The amount of steel fiber in steel fiber castable should not be too large

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In the production of steel fiber refractory castable is often added with a number of different diameters of fibrous products one of the fibers is what we refer to as heat-resistant steel fiber which is made of stainless steel or heat-resistant steel containing alloy elements such as chromium nickel.Its manufacturing methods are divided into: wire cutting pressure method, steel block cutting method and molten steel extraction method.The first two methods are stable in quality and high in strength, but expensive in price. The second method is widely used because of its simple process, strange shape, strong grip and low cost.


The shape of heat-resistant steel fiber is like a saggle, its specification is 0.2mmx1.0mm section, the length is 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm: the grade of heat-resistant steel fiber, following the international grade of heat-resistant steel fiber into 330, 310, 304, 446, and 430, similar to the national standard (GB) steel Numbers are 1Cr15Ni36W3Ti, 1Cr25Ni20Si2, 1Cr18Ni9, 1Cr25Si2 and 1Cr18Si2, etc.

Experiments and production practice at home and abroad have proved that in any kind of steel fiber refractory castable, refractory plastics and refractory ramping materials, the effect of strengthening and toughening can be achieved by adding heat-resistant steel fiber with the quality of 1%~5%.However, the melting temperature and critical oxidation temperature of heat-resistant steel fiber are lower, and should not be used under high temperature.Otherwise, the melting and oxidation of steel fibers will damage or destroy the structure of refractory castable, resulting in a decline in the service life of kilns or thermal equipment.


The main functions of adding steel fiber in steel fiber refractory castable are:

(1) enhance toughness, stress-strain resistance, and impact resistance:

(2) improve thermal shock resistance, crack and spalling resistance:

(3) inhibit line shrinkage after curing, drying and heat treatment.Steel fiber content is generally 0.6~2.5% (volume ratio) is the most appropriate.


Some customers emphasize that the amount of steel fiber refractory castable is between 3 and 5%, which is a wrong judgment. Why the amount of steel fiber in castable should not be too large?Because too much steel fiber will make the high temperature physical and chemical properties of refractory castable bad, such as steel fiber will make the residual line expansion of castable after high temperature burning.At the same time, the content of iron oxide in castable increases and reduces its erosion resistance, which will further affect the operation of castable during construction. Therefore, the choice of adding amount should be judged as the most appropriate according to the temperature of the furnace type.


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