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Three matters needing attention in the construction of refractory castables

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Three matters needing attention in the construction of refractory castables

First, the details to be known in the early stage of construction

1. Strictly control the amount of water added. In winter construction environment, the temperature must be greater than 5 °C, and there are antifreeze measures.

2, refractory castables must be mixed with a mixer, manual mixing is strictly prohibited.

3, the anchor must be expanded or smashed asphalt paint.

4. This product is strictly forbidden to be mixed with other castables.

Second, the preparation before construction and its strict inspection are as follows:

Prepare the pouring material construction equipment, clean it on site; keep the construction equipment and equipment intact; anchor material, size, arrangement and welding quality and water loss prevention measures of surrounding refractory bricks; before use, pre-test castables are invalid; water quality should be The drinking water standard is reached; the above acceptance is qualified, and the construction work can be started under the condition of uninterrupted construction.

Third, the construction points

1. Molding: Made of steel plate or hard wood board, steel plate molding agent (oil), wood board coated with waterproof paint, should be made without leakage, and have good strength.

2. Stirring: stir with a blender, first pour the castable into the blender, and take out the additive and add it. Mix it for 2-3 minutes, then add water for 3-5 minutes. Add water should not be too much or less.

3. Vibrating: The pouring material poured into the mold should not be leaked to a certain position immediately, nor can it be beaten at the same position to avoid segregation and holes in the castable. The poured castable must be used from adding water to running out. Within 20-30 minutes, the initial aggregate should be discarded.

4. Maintenance: After the surface of the castable is dry and reaches 70% strength, the mold can be removed for 24 hours and the curing time is 48 hours.

5. Oven: According to the different grades and the thickness of the castable lining and its climatic conditions, the user must ensure sufficient baking time of 72 hours.


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